KCOF Council And Board Members Participated In The Training Program, Which Organized In TOBB

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Chairman of the Board of Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Mahmut Hiçyılmaz and Council and Board Members participated in the training program, which organized in TOBB.


In the first day of training program, held at TOBB, nearly 40 Council and Board Members of   Kayseri Chamber of Commerce took place.


Under the first day of the training program, former Central Bank Governor trained about 'Exchange Rates, Interest Rates, and Stock Exchange'. In the same day-continuing program, Mücahit Sarıtaş conducted the trainings under the title of organizational structure of TOBB and Subsidiaries of TOBB. In the final program of first day, the subjects of Commercial Disputes Mediation and Transformation in Turkey's Economy, and TEPAV were discussed.


In the second day program held at TOBB ETU Continuing Education Center; personality development seminars in the title of  `Present and Future of Turkish Foreign Policy ', 'Effective Management Skills',   'Effective Communication Skills', 'Protocol Rules', 'E-Commerce and Social Media Management', 'Financial Management, Business and Management Functions' were held.


After the 5N1K Exports training, last day program was ended with the personal development seminar given by Ahmet Şerif İzgören.