KCOC President Başkanı Hiçyılmaz Evaluated The 1,5 Years Activities Of The Chamber With A Press Conference

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Kayseri Chamber of Commerce (KCOF) President Mahmut Hiçyılmaz informed the member of Chambers and other participants about the activities performed since May 2013.


In the meeting which held at a hotel, Hiçyılmaz made a slide show about the work done throughout the year, and then he gave information about the Chamber`s future plans. He emphasized that they have paid attention to involvement of members to the management, within this context, they actively actualized the professional committees, and he stated how they adopt a participatory and democratic administrative mentality since the day they took office.


President Hiçyılmaz said "we would like the members to come the Chamber, to express their demands and complaints personally and to send their problems directly to us, so we can solve the problems as much as we can. We brought into use of Chamber of Commerce, which was closed book before us, to our members. Our doors are opened to our members. Our members have opportunity to convey their ideas and opinions to management through the professional committees. They come together in where we want them to see Chamber as their home.


Hiçyılmaz stated that they had conducted 770 professional committee meetings during the 1,5 years and they had invited to all members via text message, e-mail and phone calls. And 8000 people had attended to the meetings. Two thousands decisions were made in the meetings. They paid attention to the decisions made in these professional committee meetings in order to solve the problems of members, to come true their wishes and to ensure Chamber works actively.


He said " We updated the contact information of the members when we started and increased the number of members from 900 to 12000. We believe that if the Chamber cannot reach its members, it will not perform its facilities and will not be efficient. In addition to these, we paid attention to the social projects. We provided moral and material support to the numerous schools, dormitories, charities and persons in need of help.”


Hiçyılmaz expressed "We attach importance to quality, thus we renewed our certificate of quality. We completed the preparations for obtaining the certificate of 10002 and 27001. And we will obtain them in the upcoming days. There’s no point in hanging them just on the wall. The important thing is giving these certificates their dues. Therefore, we use our reasonable efforts. "


He said that the Chamber conducted nearly 30 meetings for using grand bazaar and central market more active and functional and they made 3 different surveys. Hiçyılmaz said in the meetings, they determined the precautions to be taken by including the local authorities.


Hiçyılmaz underlined their articulation of establishment of freight village and high-speed train at every opportunity. He expressed that Kayseri makes a large part of its export from Mersin Port and construction of high-speed train transportation between Kayseri-Mersin will make a major contribution substantially to export quantity of Kayseri.


Hiçyılmaz said they would raise a service building as soon as possible in the land that belongs to KCOF and is next to Kayseri Chamber of Commerce.  Hiçyılmaz stated that the existing building remains inadequate. They design a multipurpose building with organized competition and they will construct the building soon and start their facilities in there.


In the meetings with many members of press, President Hiçyılmaz gave extensive knowledge related to the Chamber`s activities. Press conference was ended with a question and answer section.