Trade Registry is the name given to the record where the registries of changes are kept along with the registry which is obliged by the Trade Register Administration and Turkish Code of Commerce of enterprises, merchants, companies, individual enterprises, cooperatives and limited & unlimited liability companies.


"Trade registry is an organization which serves for the annotations on behalf of operational contacts, merchants and third persons."


"Trade registry is the official record unique to the registration of some operations related to the merchants whose acquaintance is needed and recommended for the third persons."


Trade registry is an official and public enrolment which protects the benefits of a business corporation along with the other business corporations which establish and will establish a legal relation with it, and of the third persons.


"It's an official public record which contains certain businesses and processes that carry legal significance in business life and that are important and recommended to be known by the third persons."


Unless completed the payment of the amount stated in the judgment fees section of the tariff no. 1 under the Act of Fees no. 492, anyone in Trade Registry Office who demands a representative sample or makes any demand about fees can not benefit from our services.


We can enumerate the processes made in our Management.

1- Our members can register the records like Individual Enterprise, Company, Cooperative or Agency by applying to our entity with relevant documents.

2- Can carry out the registration of the changes done by the enterprises by applying to our entity with relevant documents.

3- Can easily claim Trade Registry Gazettes from our entity after their publication, following the completion of the registrations made by the enterprises registered in our Management.

4-Can obtain the latest modified version (in point of title, address, supervisor etc.) of the registry certificate of the enterprise according to Article 24 of the Trade Registry Regulation.

5-Can acquire a document indicating the partnership structures of the enterprises.

6-Can obtain the authorization certificate from Companies, Cooperatives and corporations related to banking, proprietorship certificate, etc.

7-Can perform the approval of Trade Registry Gazettes and documents of the enterprises from our entity.

8-Can have their İB and other types of forms published from our entity with authentication ready to be introduced to Social Security Institution.

9- Can track the Official Gazette and the relevant legislative amendments, and can obtain their printout from our entity.

10-Our members willing to establish a company can come to our entity and can obtain information about how and which company to establish.

11-Can obtain information about the amendment request of the companies registered in our Management and about the way how they should do alike.

12-Following the legislative amendment related to the companies, they are given information about what to do for the enterprises. 

13-Response and dispatches of the documents from concerned government agencies (Court, Execution, Bankrupt articles etc.) are fulfilled by our entity.