Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Projects

European Union Projects


Kayseri Chamber of Commerce has started conducting projects with the first call made by İş-Kur General Directorate since 2004, the year in which the first EU grant has been received in the EU adjustment process. Since that time a Project drafting team has been formed within the chamber, 13 projects have been drafted and a unit that has been taking the responsibility and providing the sustainability of the projects has been formed in order to conduct the internalization of the projects.

Since then, our works maintain in order to increase the standard of Kayseri regarding the drafting and management of the project and in order to ensure more utilization from the EU projects.


Which projects are applied?

In 2005, two consequent projects which would last 12 months entered into the application. Anafor Projects comparing Pedal (Employee Evaluation and Hiring) and reverse cycle effect of the Wind. It enabled 321 thousand Euro in total to be entered into Kayseri’s budget.


Pedal, while providing 113 people to find a job by providing job opportunities for University graduates, it aimed at raising the 35% of interest status in Kayseri’s vocational education by increasing the coordination between the related Vocational Education Establishments thanks to its strong partnership structure with the Anafor Project. In this Project, ground is broken in Turkey and 1500 people have been polled with the questionnaire study regarding the condition of vocational education in Kayseri and at the same time, the first SWOT analysis is conducted regarding the vocational education in Kayseri. Thus, it is aimed to lead the way for the future projects to be conducted for the development of vocational education and help the region to be benefited from the data.


Our three projects named Yönçiz, Elektronik Arşivleme ve Edison Bilseydi have been started at the same time by the end of 2006 and finished within the year of 2007. With these projects, 185.600 Euro has contributed to the budget of Kayseri.

 Thanks to the Yönçiz Project, while supporting the vocational education, effective activities are conducted in order to analyze the occupations that would be required in our city within the next 10 years and increase the number of entrepreneurs in our city. Our book, “Girişimcilik” (“Entrepreneurship”), which can be considered as the guidebook for this effect to expand, has created a tremendous impression.


Elektronik Arşivleme Project is designed for developing the Chamber capacity with faster service and effective archiving facility.


With the Edison Bilseydi Project, effective usage and saving is planned at homes and workplaces and it has become a project which is highly known in public. Our project partner, Kayseri TÜKOBİR Branch, has taken on the sustainability and maintains the studies in this subject.


Mızrak Duruşlu Kadınlar Project, which is begun in 2007 and target audience of which are the women over 28 and have a job, will end on November, 2007. The subject of the project is Gender Equality in Society and it is designed in order to help the women with a job to reach higher positions and teach them about their roles and communication methods.


Financial effects gained by the projects

According to the research conducted by the end of 2007, it is found out that 111 people had the opportunity to find a job thanks to Pedal project. Thus, the amount of 22.600.000 TRY is prevented, which is the amount of investment required for providing job opportunity for 113 people on the production line.


It is found out according to the effect analysis we have conducted that each performed project creates financial effect, approximately 10 times more of the project budget.


Since 2005, when the projects have begun, our Chamber has become effective in 593.271 Euro’s entering into the Kayseri market, only with the 6 project mentioned above.


Social effects gained by the projects

Our Chamber continued to use the experiences gained from the projects. It continued to provide job opportunities for the participants who have participated in the educations during the sustainability and it helped more than fifty people to be employed.


In order to increase the project drafting and management capacity of Kayseri, 90 people received free education on project drafting and management. After the educations, 2 people were able to establish a workplace and many non-governmental organizations conducted joint project.


Our projects, which have been effective in the popularity of vocational education in Kayseri, also became effective in the 35% of interest in the vocational education to reach 40%’s in the city.


The biggest study conducted by our chamber in the subject of vocational education is the SWOT analysis of the vocational education and it is used as the study aid in the drafting of many projects. Additionally, a city has conducted an analysis of Vocational education for the first time.


 Moreover, the analysis of expectation and assessment of corporation and establishments regarding the development of vocational education is among our studies which support the development of vocational education in our city.

Studies have also been conducted in order to encourage entrepreneurship in our city and to change the mindset and the concrete outputs of these studies are transferred to the prepared publications.

Our Chamber, considering the 10 years in the future, has tended to analyze the occupations that would be required in our city for the 10 years in future in order to create a vision in Kayseri. During the performance of these questionnaires, the employees required by the firms are detected with the cooperation of the related corporations and firms are brought together with those who need a job.


The analyses that are conducted assume that the rapidly increasing brain drain would be reversed.

Our Chamber, also conducted studies on the subject of energy need for our city, which is a city of industry and trade and supported the sustainable development by changing the consumption habits. During the Edison Bilseydi project study, it is detected after few months of examination conducted after the questionnaire consisted of 31 education programs and 31 criteria in total that, saving rate has become stable and there has been 10% of decrease. It is expected that the saving rate would be higher in the future. For that, the projects should constantly be brought forward. Our opinion is supported after the visit to the Minister of Energy and Natural Sources, Dear Hilmi Güner, which is conducted in order to advertise the project of Edison Bilseydi.


 In our project conducted with the name of Mızrak Duruşlu Kadınlar, a new occupation came forward besides the aim of the project.  “Mediation” Mediation Draft Law, which has become a popular subject with the project, has drawn the attention on the project.  Mediation offers an alternative way for the solution of conflicts. For the mediation, which is to enter in the system of Justice Department, registries will be formed at the Justice Department. 33 of the project participants have favored this occupation. In order to support this enterprise, our Chamber has built the Mediation center within the Chamber and leaded the foundation of Kayseri Mediator Businessmen Association.


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