The Message




Recently, I have had the chance to address you in City Kayseri Newspaper and mention the contributions of Kayseri Chamber of Commerce to its members and to the city. This month, I would like to tell you about the Geographical Indications Symposium which we realized in October.  

Considered in different terms by national and international authorities, Geographical Indications can be defined as indications relating to the specific products with specific features identified with specific regions, places, venues or countries. If we look closer to the definition, we can see that there are important points. A product with specific features and a region having this product are the two main elements.  


A product or value of a region can be different from other products found in other regions or a carpet, fabric and tile produced in a region may be more famous than the others. Using the name of the region in identifying the product helps the consumer to understand that the products are different from its variants.  


One of the ways for the cultures on the World to develop themselves and share their characteristics is having geographical indications and protecting them.  Kayseri has an important position in that sense. As Kayseri city, we have 9 geographical indications including Kayseri Sucuk, Kayseri Pastramy, Kayseri Mantı, Yahyalı Handmade Carpet, Bünyan Handmade Carpet, Develi Cıvıklı, Yamula Eggplant, Soğanlı Doll and Tomarza Pumpkin Seeds.


These geographical indications of Kayseri made it possible for the city to have a prize from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. I am proud for taking the prize from the hands of the President in 4. Patent Prizes meeting organized in April by Turkish Patent Institute.  


Patent owner of Pastramy, Sucuk and Mantı is Kayseri Chamber of Commerce and it has the position of the first chamber having the most patents. This success has made us proud and excited to make it even bigger. With this aim in mind, we have made three other applications for three other geographical indications. These are Pınarbaşı Circassian Cheese, İncesu Karaevrek Grapes and Tomarza Stone. With these patents, Kayseri will have 12 geographical indications in total.  


Our activities are not limited to these, of course. Geographical Indications activities are important for the identifications of elements that can have patents and increasing the possibilities of branding for culturally and economically valuable products. There are more activities to be done for the patent process of other values of our city. There are products that can have patents such as Gilaburu, Yahyalı Apple, Gömeç Bean, Cırgalan Pepper, İncesu Grape, Gesi Walnut and Erkilet Grapeleaf.   


In addition to the national efforts, we work for the protection of our values with European Union based initiatives as well. We have made our opposition to the application of Bulgaria for pastrami. I would like to indicate that our activities in order to protect and disseminate the values of Kayseri will continue on a global scale.  

Kayseri Chamber of Commerce is an institution that leads the activities for the indication of our position about the issue and identification of the possible products that can have geographical indications. With this responsibility, we organized Geographical Indications Symposium in cooperation with Local Products and Geographical Indications Turkey Research Network (YÜCİTA) for the first time in Kayseri.


Our aim in organizing this symposium can be summarized as investment to the future because introduction of the values of our city and transfer of the products and values to the future generations are really important. Thanks to this symposium we succeeded in emphasizing the importance of having geographical indications for the existing local products, activating the control mechanisms after the approval process of the geographical indications and raising the awareness for the quick and easy branding.   


I would like to thank once again first of all to Mayor Orhan Düzgün and to all who contributed to the Geographical Indications Symposium organized for the protection and dissemination of our own values.  


This symposium and our other activities are our liabilities. In order to pay our debt, we will work with greater determination, I promise. With the wish for protection of the values of our city altogether… Have a good day.