Kayseri Chamber of Commerce provides information on services of domestic trade and NPC (National Productivity Center) to the members. National Productivity Center provides training and consultancy services and their work can be accessed by


  The unit archives the information they provided in each and every issue regarding domestic trade and NPC (Legislation, Market, Turkey Economy, Kayseri Economy) and make them ready to be used. They search and find the information inquiries directed by the third parties and provide relevant information. They submit the information they acquired to the usage of our members, public and private institutions via the book they have published or our web-site.


  They submit the commercial information, warnings and measures to the usage of their members via telephone, fax and web-site.


  Besides they acquire information via surveys and polls regarding domestic trade and make it public after evaluating them.


  Our chamber conducts loan protocols with the banks in finance field and thus tries to provide support to the members. Our chamber has the mission to provide necessary information to our members in order to inform our members of the protocol of domestic trade and to get benefit of the loans.


  Our chamber performs occupational training works. They register the apprenticeship contract and cancellation thereof. Our chamber approves the other documents regarding the occupational training (mastership, journeymen’s certificate) and directs to the relevant institutions. The standard of the professions of which an opinion was asked by Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges is submitted to the relevant parties and delivers the incoming opinions to the concerned authority by letter.


  Our chamber tries to establish close relation with occupational schools within the province and with Kayseri Chamber of Commerce. Our chamber provides aid for preparation and drafting of projects in order to contribute to development of occupational schools within the province. Our chamber evaluates the training demands coming from the occupational schools. Our chamber performs various activities depending on the demand in order to introduce the institution to the training institutions and their members.


  Our chamber submits project to the EU programs tenders. Following up these projects, our chamber prepares, delivers and monitors the information demanded by Central Finance and Tender Unit. Our chamber contributes to execution of won projects, to establishment of sustainability of the ongoing projects, to designation of new projects in order to provide contribution to the province by the data revealed during the ongoing projects and to support the studies to be carried out by public institutions and corporations.



  The unit is responsible for secretariat of Kayseri Women Entrepreneurship Committee works which was established by TOBB in all Turkey, in order to increase the number of women entrepreneurships and which has the title of being the first committee established in Turkey with this purpose. The unit attempts in order to increase the women entrepreneurship in our province.


  The unit also carries out the training within Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Quality System. The training requests coming from the staff within the chamber reveals the annual training plan.


  The unit, performs statistical works in order to measure whether the trainings given within the chamber by various units are delivered to the training requesters and the satisfaction level. The satisfaction level found following these stats is submitted to the relevant units and officers. The unit contributes to increase employment by matching the employment request ad personnel request in order to provide employment for unemployed people who become qualified after these trainings.


  Anatolia being a host for many civilization had tasted many war and peace, had experienced wins and losses, and has become a bridge between east and west even tough has stagnated from time to time.


  Our province, located in Anatolia, is known by entrepreneurship and commercial wits. Our province, being among the rising stars recently, is always occupies a place in national and international press.


  Kayseri, being open to the renewals and change, is the biggest contributor to our province in catching up with modern time. Therefore, due all these reasons our province, acting with a stronger economy and a stronger commerce understanding is aware of the obligation of competing harder. This is not easy all the times. Most of the time the companies have disputes in various areas and courts are generally selected for settlement of the disputes although from time to time alternative settlement methods are tried to be performed. And the courts are most of the times are loss of time, cost causing and become an uncertainty for at least one of the sides. One side wins and the other side becomes unhappy in the courts.


  However everybody must first be strong in order to compete in the developing world. Therefore we have established our Mediation Center in 2007 in order to bring the sides of conflict together and this is a dispute settlement method focusing to the future.


  Our chamber has been executing studies since 2006 for development of our province. The mediation law draft is being discussed at the moment in the commission and when it is enforced our center, endeavoring for this activity to be performed in our city, will be working actively for settlement of commercial disputes. The activity of our center is taken by domestic trade unit.


  Domestic trade unit organizes the monthly regular meetings of the occupational committees represented by Banking and Finance Institutions and Consultancy Corporations, Media and Publishing activities, Book and Stationary Enterprises and training courses, and also carries out the secretariat in order to work in coherent.


  Our unit which is trying to support the works of Domestic Trade Commission established in our chamber, is performing best endeavor to increase the domestic trade volume in our province


  Domestic Trade responsible who has been an active member in Mediator Businessmen Association, IDEADER, TÜKOBİR Kayseri etc. associations serves this purpose of Kayseri Chamber of Commerce.


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