Check Problems, Receivable Risks seminar was organized with the cooperation of Kayseri Chamber of Commerce and Credit Bureau


Check Problems, Receivable Risks themed seminar was organized with the cooperation of Kayseri Chamber of Commerce (KCOF) and Credit Bureau.

President of Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Mahmut Hiçyılmaz, Vice President of KCOF Halit Suvar, Board Treasurer Bahri Coşkun, General Manager of Credit Bureau Kasım Akdeniz, Head Of Consumer&Non Financial Sectors Business Line Serkan Siyasal, Chamber members and many industry representatives attended the seminar which was held in the M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu conference room.


President Hiçyılmaz made an opening speech. He stated that they follow closely the work of Credit Bureau and said "Check Problems, Receivable Risks themed information seminar is conducting. Dear all, we as Kayseri Chamber of Commerce organize this kind of seminars in order to inform our members, and we are trying to ensure giving information to our members by inviting them. Kayseri Chamber of Commerce gives particular importance to works of professional committee.  We have 40 professional committees and it is required to meet at least once a month. We conduct our meetings with an extended way. During the meetings of professional committees, not only chosen people are invited but also we invite the members of that professional committee as a group in order to let them to come and say their complaints and demand. I wish to join all professional committee meetings and I have attended the meetings as much as possible, unless I have any other programs. I would like to emphasize that the most important issue discussed in the professional committee meeting is the topic related to check law.”


He said: “Currently, our major problem is check law. With abolition of imprisonment, we observe that check is not a reliable document. Our members state that bonds are more reliable than checks at shopping. The only reason, which caused to this result, is abolition of imprisonment.  In return, the instruments were developed for our members in order to determine what they pay attention to while receiving a check. The most important one is a "Credit Bureau" system. Absolutely, we need to know them. The issues will be mentioned about what released against to check law and what we should pay attention to ensure that checks are secure documents to use. I think, these issues are important for us. We always complaint about how check law aggrieves us, however, even though we sent invitations and informative text message to all members, they did not show required interest. Thus, we expect our members to pay attention to our works, come to here and get needed information. Due to the check law, a trade slowdown in 2014 was occurred.  Economic depression, which was started in 2008, has not finished yet, and you can see the conditions of Europe and USA. Therefore, it is clear that the check law decelerates our trade."

After the speech of President Hiçyılmaz, General Manager of Credit Bureau Kasım Akdeniz and Head Of Consumer&Non Financial Sectors Business Line Serkan Siyasal gave presentations. The meeting was ended with a question and answer section.